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Allow yourself to discover a brand new technique to understand the true meaning of dreams

How ? Just through a very specific type of hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

The workshop will allow me to explain how and why the technique is efficient…and we will decode a few of your dreams.

What people think about the technique:

« It’s a crazy technique! I thought my dream was about my relationship with my father. In just a few seconds, the technique made me realize that it was something else entirely. impressive! »
« Through a very particular, specific dynamic of body movements, we manage to interrogate the subconscious. It then expresses the deeper meaning of the dream. What’s most impressive is the surprisingly accurate message emanating from the subconscious. The message is almost dazzling in the sense that it strikes home directly »

If you wish to attend, simply send an email to fr.delforge@gmail.com

This is not a promotional event and it will take place on Saturday April 20th at 14.00 pm Brussels Time (08.00 am NY time)


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